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Pinctada Cable Beach Resort & Spa was an award winning, 5-star hotel, that opened in Broome, Western Australia in May 2009.

Developed by Pinctada Hotels & Resorts, it was the winner of:

Gold Award - Luxury Accomodation - WA Tourism Awards 2010, 2011, 2012

Hall Of Fame - Luxury Accomodation - WA Tourism Awards 2013

Pinctada Cable Beach Resort & Spa, at 10 Murray Road Broome, was operated by Pinctada Hotels & Resorts until November 2014.

We now operate Pinctada McAlpine House, a boutique lodge in Old Broome.

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Website: http://www.pinctada.com.au

Email: stay@pinctada.com.au

Or visit Pinctada McAlpine House:

W: http://www.mcalpinehouse.com.au

E: wizard@mcalpinehose.com.au

Pinctada Hotels & Resorts

Pinctada Hotels and Resorts Pty Ltd develops and operates unique boutique hotel properties in Australia.

Since 2000, Pinctada has operated and developed hotels in the Kimberley Region, namely;

Pinctada McAlpine House, in Broome (2000 - current)

Pinctada Kimberley Grande, in Kununurra (2007 - 2014),

Pinctada Cable Beach Resort & Spa, in Broome (2009-2014)

For the Pinctada Experience, make your reservation with Pinctada McAlpine House via wizard@mcalpinehouse.com.au

or www.mcalpinehouse.com.au

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